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Academics and Professional Training Programmes

We understand it is important for academics and professionals of both Britain and China to keep up with the latest developments in education, policy and trade. Collaborations between researchers and professionals of both countries can enhance the speed of progression in science, technology and business.

We currently organise short term residential training programmes hosted in our UK university partners to enable academics and professionals from China to benefit from their peers' expertise in the UK. We carefully tailor each programme to meet the demands of our partner universities and clients in China.

Past example partnership with Clare Hall, University of Cambridge and Macau Tertiary Education Services Office. This programme was designed to help professors from HEI's of Macau to attend short term residential trainings to improve their teaching, management and research skills.

Beijing Information Science & Technology University (BISTU) and Clare Hall Training Programme in Cambridge

Universities in China have increasing interests and funding to send their academics or management staff for advanced training. In the summer of 2018, CUDC and Clare Hall of the University of Cambridge have formed an Advanced Study Programme and organised training courses for academics and professionals to continue nurturing their research or professional skills. Networking sessions and dinner events were organised throughout the events which offered an excellent opportunity for cultural and knowledge exchange between participants. 


A series of academic lectures were taught by renowned professors, scientists, academics and career trainers from UK and China during the 3-week training programme and a wide range of academic topics were covered, including:

  • Information Security and Data Science

  • Culture Awarness and Teaching Philosophy in technical topics

  • Educational Psychology

  • AI and personal genomics

  • the economics of BitCoin

  • AI and Law

  • Cloud Computing in Security

  • Machine Learning and Algorithms

  • The intersection between Big data and Psychology

  • Facebook and Big Data Analytics

  • Teamwork & Leadership

  • Coaching & Mentoring

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