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Establishing Lines of Cooperation Between People's Government of Chifeng City of China and Nottingham City Centre 

Following the footsteps of China in economic globalisation and internationalisation, People’s Government of Chifeng appointed CUDC to actively explore partnership opportunities on their behalf in the UK. Following our efforts in this field, municipality of Nottingham invited the People’s Government of Chifeng to visit Nottingham.

A delegate led by executive deputy mayor, Bao Zhenyu visited Nottingham in May 2012 and were received by Liu Xiaomei, vice chairwoman of the Advisory Board of CUDC and Professor Yao Shujie, Dean of The College of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham.

Several meetings took place between the delegate from People’s Government of Chifeng along with CUDC with a delegate from Nottingham including Mr. Nick McDonald, Senator of Government of Nottingham and Deputy Mayor in charge of economy and trade and employment, Ms. Emma Smith, International Director of Investment Bureau of Nottingham, Mr. Alex Moczarski, Director of municipal energy bureau and UK sugar industry. Preliminary agreements were signed between the two parties from Chifeng and Nottingham to start cooperation in various fields including trade, creative industries, technology transfer, urban planning, green energy and management of technology park. 

The trip included a visit to Romax, a high-tech enterprise active in the wind power energy industry to explore opportunities of partnership. There was also a visit to the University of Nottingham to meet with Professor Chris Rudd, vice chancellor of University of Nottingham for an exchange of opinions and cooperation in education and technology.

This extremely successful visit resulted in establishment of contact between these two cities, allowing them to understand each other’s ambitions and challenges. Nottingham and Chifeng thanked CUDC and appreciated the pivotal role it played in bringing these two great cities closer to each other.

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