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Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship between UK and China

At CUDC we aim to promote development and exchange of entrepreneurships between the UK and China by providing international platforms for the best talents of the two countries to showcase their projects and ideas. It is our ambition to integrate outstanding resources of both countries in government, enterprise, education, industry and capital amongst others to increase cooperation between the countries.

To support the development of rapid technological innovations in China and the UK, we aim to help both countries attract the best innovative talents and projects by virtue of scientific and technological collaborations between the world-class HEI’s of Britain and China. 

ZhenFund Trip 2012

In February 2012, CUDC collaborated with ZhenFund, China’s largest angel investment fund to visit several elite universities in the UK to deliver talks with the theme of ‘entrepreneurship and development’ to hundreds of students around the country. Bob Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang, the co-founders of ZhenFund took part in this visit, delivering intriguing speeches to hundreds of students in the UK vying to learn entrepreneurship skills from two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Bob Xu Xiaoping shared the concepts of founding, investment and operation of ZhenFund with students and shared stories of some of their successful entrepreneurship projects and investments. The students who attended each talk had the opportunity to discuss their ideas and projects and receive guidance in various topics including team construction, operations and financing procedures in an entrepreneurship project process.

It is obvious that the journey to success for the young entrepreneurs who attended the talks is not going to be without challenges. However, their spirit to pursue their ambitions and dreams was an encouraging sign for ZhenFund co-founders.

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